Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I registered but I can't attend session. Will I receive a music packet?
A: Yes, we will send your music packet.  You'll be required to pay for the mailing costs.
Q: Can I register online and have the music packet mailed to me?
A: Yes, but there will be an additional cost for postage.
Q: I don't read music, can I still come?
A:  Sure! You can learn the music as the song is being presented.  Also, you will have the opportunity to purchase a recording of the session.

Q: Can I bring a group to present my song?
A:  Yes, but each group member must register to sing. One of our goals is to be a blessing to each songwriter and songwriters will be compensated for each registration so we strongly encourage everyone to sign up.

Q: I don't play. Will there be musicians there to play while I present my song?
A:  There will be musicians there, but we cannot guarantee that the musicians will accurately interpret your piece while you are presenting it. We strongly encourage you to bring your own musician.
Q: Do musicians have to register to play my song?
A:  No, but they will not be permitted to stay in the session without registration.

Q: Will there be a schedule?
A:  Yes, we will post a general schedule of presenters and times, but it is subject to change.
Q: How much time do I have to present my song?
A:  Each songwriter has 15 minutes to present their song. Please use your time wisely.
Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Registrants must cancel in writing by 14 days prior to the event in order to receive a full refund (October 15 for the next BBTC). No refund will be given to registrants who cancel after this date. If Bring Back The Choir, LLC cancels the event, registrants will be offered a full refund.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email us at